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Slep Tight lyrics


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     Slep Tight
    >> Celine Dion
        now hush
    my little one
    don't be afraid
    your daddy's right here
    it's just
    a little dream
    and now it's gone
    there's nothing to fear
    so close your eyes
    I'll sing a sweet lullaby
    lay your head close to my heart
    and sleep tight
    the angels hover over you
    they spread their wings
    to keep you safe and warm
    the starlight
    in the heavens high above you
    will light a path
    to find your way back home
    sleep tight
    and now
    my sleepy head
    your carriage waits
    to take you off to bed
    let go
    your tiny hands
    and drift away
    to a bright enchanted land
    I promise you
    your sweetest dreams will come true
    now leave this weary world behind
    so close your eyes
    and wish upon the brightest star
    'cause when you dream
    it doesn't matter where you are
    near to me or very far
    I'll always be with you
    sleep tight
    sleep tight
    sleep tight
    yeah I'll keep you safe
    safe and warm
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